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To all competitors. B.R.R.A has recently received some feedback regarding the dressage entry system. We would just like to clarify our procedure so it is clear for everyone. At the moment entries with payment should be received by 5pm on the Wednesday prior to the competition day. Late entries are accepted with payment and a £2.00 late entry charge up until 5pm on the Friday prior the competition day. This allows Sue time to plan the running order and advise the committee, judges, catering and the venue of our running times. Unfortunately the reason why we cannot except text entries, or any entries without payment, is that in the past (when we allowed this) some competitors failed to turned up and pay; however B.R.R.A still had to cover costs for judges and venue hire and so we hope that you understand why we can no longer accept unpaid entries. The good news is that B.R.R.A are in the process of setting up a PayPal account so competitors can pay online, we are planning for this to be up and running in the New Year. We will still be accepting cheques and cash entries as normal. We hope this as cleared up any confusion; we try to accommodate everyone as best we can whilst allowing ourselves enough time and structure to run efficiently.
Dressage Entries