Leicester Dressage Group Unaffiliated  Winter 2017/18 at Blaby Mill Stables  Warm up in indoor arena and competition in full size outdoor ménage 					Class 1	Class 2	Class 3	Class 4 22nd April		Intro C	Prelim 15	Prelim 17	Nov 24	Elem 45            All classes section to have rosettes 1st to 6th place.  The winner of each class will receive a prize voucher which will entitle them to free entry for any classes before the end of the season.  Entry fee for each class is £10.00 with cheques payable to BRRA.  Entries to Lynn Hardy, c/o BRRA, Blaby Mill Stables, Mill Lane, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4FG. Entries to be received by Wednesday prior to competition and times available from 3pm on Friday prior to competition on 07791611223 (Sue). Times can be sent by text if preferred just include your mobile number. Please be aware that all dressage shows are run in accordance with British Dressage rules. It is therefore the competitors responsibility to make sure they comply with all BD rules to avoid elimination. Late entries accepted (if space) at £2.00 extra per entry.  Terms and conditions of entry. All horses, ponies and vehicles are brought to the ground entirely at owner’s risk. The landowners, organisers, or anyone acting on there behalf shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any person, animal or propertyno matter how it is caused. It is deemed a condition of entry that each entrant shall indemnify the landowners and organisers against any legal action arising from such an accident.  DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES. Entry Form Entry Form